Drop the Mic at Wake the Dead Coffee House

Contact: Jonathan Gonzalez


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Wake the Dead Coffee House features one of the largest spaces in San Marcos dedicated to bringing together the community for live performance art.

SAN MARCOS (April 19, 2017) – Known for their freshly brewed coffee and made-to-order food, Wake the Dead has become a regular stop for San Marcos natives looking for something to do any night of the week.

When owner Julie Balkman first opened Wake the Dead in 2008 after many years of working in coffee shops, she envisioned creating a space that promoted the many talents the city has to offer.

“I wanted to create a place that could hold a variety activities and different styles of seating areas, so a big courtyard was a must with the property I purchased.” said Balkman. “I wanted to make a community center for San Marcos.”

Balkman said that the large size of her business, which is outfitted with a stage, two large rooms and a wrap around courtyard are key elements of what make her shop stand out from the rest.

The large size of the establishment allows for outside groups to organize events in a space that will accommodate their needs.

People regularly bring their ideas for events to Balkman, which she said she almost always approves.

“It’s definitely a spot where people come together to do their thing, whatever that thing may be.” said history student Fernando Silva. “Sometimes I participate, but I have fun watching people be themselves too.”

Regular events that are held at Wake the Dead are Poetry Night, which happens every first Thursday of the month, the O’Malarkey Irish/Celtic Jam Session on the second and fourth Thursday of the month and the Shop-Improv Comedy Nights on the third Thursday of the month.

Aside from these open mic events, Wake the Dead also has live music every weekend.

Admission for these events is free for all those who wish to attend.

For more information on events, visit the Wake the Dead website at http://www.wakethedeadcoffeehouse.net/



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