George’s Showcases Texas State’s Comedic Best

Contact: Jonathan Gonzalez

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Students with Texas State Comedy Association host one of the city’s only comedy open mic nights for pros and amateurs alike. 

SAN MARCOS (April 19, 2017) – The Texas State Comedy Association invites any and all students to attend their monthly showcase at George’s inside of the LBJ Student Center on April 27 starting at 8pm.

The showcase, organized by members of the Comedy Association, offers students the opportunity to enjoy live standup, improv and sketch comedy for free.

Students that come out to George’s will be treated to two 15 minutes stand up sessions that have been written and prepared by members of the club as well as sketches and improv.

For those wishing to participate in the event, the Comedy Association allows anyone to try out their comedy chops in the open mic portion of the night’s events.

In the time since the monthly showcases started at George’s, Founder and President of the Comedy Association Garrett Buss said that the turnouts have been surprising.

“Every single month it keeps getting better.” said Buss. “I didn’t think anyone would want to come to this dumb little club that I started by myself… but every single showcase now we practically fill up George’s.”

Buss said that he started the club during his freshman year after he noticed the lack of opportunities to showcase his work locally.

“There were no places in San Marcos that I could perform, so I had to go to Austin if I ever wanted to do comedy.” said Buss. “So every night I had to drive 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back. That’s over 80 minutes plus the gas. I’m a broke college kid. I didn’t feel like doing all that driving.”

So Buss decided that he’d start his own comedy club on campus for those who shared his passion for comedy in all it’s forms.

Buss said the Comedy Association is divided into three “mini-clubs” that focus on stand up, improv, and sketch comedy where members work together to come up with material that they perform at the monthly showcase and various open mic nights around San Marcos.

“The showcase is possible because we have so many members that put in the work to make the comedy that they make.” said Buss.

The Comedy Association holds weekly meetings at 3:30pm inside of George’s where they work on preparing the material that they take to different places around town, including George’s.

For more information on the Comedy Association, visit their Facebook page @TxstateComedy.



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